Stick in the Mud

There are beaches forever calm with smooth banks.

The sandy canvas remains blank for long periods of time until someone finds something to draw with.

SometimesĀ a stick is found which, curiously, draws on its own. Residents comment on its imperfections; too slow and short, fat, ugly and old.

The contours it draws are not immediately recognized and some ask why it should draw at all.

It draws pictures of people and of events that seem out of place, offensive or inappropriate and troubling to think about.

Some people attack the drawing stick. Others degrade it.

Soon, people are fed up and the stick is left to draw alone.

It lies in the sand, unmotivated. The sea swallows it and moisturizes its dry bark.

The pictures are washed away and life continues for all as it was before.

Eternally calm.